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in person Workshops

ONE OF OUR BIGGEST JOYS AT BODYLUSHIOUS IS SHARING THE SEnSORY MAKING EXPERIENCE, & bronwyn is a bottomless pit of ideas in this area! it's an absolute feast for sight, smell, touch & sound. SEASONAL WORKSHOPS ARE THE PERFECT PLACE FOR GETTING YOUR 'CRAFT' ON, STOCKING UP ON BATHROOM ESSENTIALS & the GIFT stash. 

  • Workshops are delivered from the Bodylushious Garden studio in Burntisland and can accommodate a maximum of 5 people.    

  • Suitable for ages 5+ (children aged 5-7 need to be accompanied by an adult). 

  • If you would like to discuss running a workshop from your own venue please get in contact.

  • Great opportunity to SOAK UP some really practical tricks of the trade behind making natural skincare products & being more environmentally aware.

  • Outside of offering seasonal workshops, we offer personalised events; we are MORE THAN happy and willing to discuss your idea, event, party and budget with you. The best way to get hold of us is by email.

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