Chamendula Face and Body Oil

Chamendula Face and Body Oil

Chamendula Face & Body Oil is the key ingredient in all of our Salves & Balms.  It is a combination of dried Chamomile & Chamendula botanicals infused into grapeseed oil and left to infuse in a double boiler for 8 hours. 


This process enables the beneficial qualities from the botanicals to be infused into the oil, making this product a super gentle, smooth, beautifully scented and soothing oil.  You may find wee bits of botancials in your oil, don't panic, they are just proof that the oil has really been infused. 


Personalised Scent Option: come into the studio to choose and add your choice of essential oil for added oomph/personalisation for free. Or if you know what you like let us know and if we have it we'll add it. 


How to use: Squirt a little into the palm of your hand, rub palms together then gently slide & glide wherever your skin is calling out for it. Can be used as a face or whole body oil. Your Oil, Your Way!

  • Chamendula Face and Body Oil, 50ml

    Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil infused with dried Calendula and Chamomile flower petals.