Soap + Wax Duo Sleeve Gift Set

Soap + Wax Duo Sleeve Gift Set

Collaboration with Leaf Natural Wraps.   These wraps were the brainbox idea cooked up between textile, wax and soap enthusiasts who cannot tolerate waste.  Made from 'material ends' to fuel our minimal waste urges, so we're proud to report that colours & patterns vary wildly. 


Being the practikiwi that I am, I felt the urge to be able to store not one but two products somehow, with the possibility of transporting them easily.  Hope you like what we 3 came up with!


Take a look through the photos for example soap sleeves - please note that no two two are the same, they are all beautiful, and we will select one just for you.


And hey, who said you can only store soap/solid shampoo in these bad boys, you can store anything you like in them, they're just so versatile and practical. 


Each Soap + Wax Duo Sleeve Gift Set contains 100g Soap or Shampoo Bar of your choice with a Leaf Natural Wax Sleeve. It comes gift wrapped as standard.