Total Treat Pack Gift Set

Total Treat Pack Gift Set

Oh la la, how nice would it be if someone gifted you this selection of treats!


In this pack we've collaborated with a retired craft hobbyist who churns out the most delightful things from cotton, like cute round face pads which are so gentle on your skin that you won't want to stop cleaning your face!  Or if you're the kind of person who likes Christmas decorations, you won't be the first to hang one of these on your tree. 


Theres the Sisal Loofah bag which is brilliant for storing & transporting your soap (or anything that fits) and is great for exfoliating your bodies largest organ - skin, rejuvenating it in the process. 


Each Total Treat Gift Set contains:

1 X 100g Shampoo Soap Bar Choose from Revitalising Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Sun Zinger, Tip Top Mint

1 x Lip Balm Choose from Orange, Lemon, Mint and No Fuss

1 X 100g Body Soap Bar Choose from Grounding Goddess, Mandarin Tonic, Rosemary Rippple and Winding Down

1 x Body Salve/ Balm Choose from Hand in Hand Salve, Tired Tootsies Salve, Unwind Balm, Uplift Balm

1 x Sisal Loofah Bag

1 x Cotton Puff


It comes gift wrapped as standard.