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Grounding Goodness
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Perfectly imperfect

I’m not a fan of the culture of perfection. How about you? 


Behind the scenes of a beautifully curated social media life we all know that perfect doesn’t exist. I’m all for stepping into our joy - but perfection? No thanks. 


I take pleasure in the little moments of imperfection. For me, that’s where the real joy lies. 


Stolen moments in the garden with a cup of tea (while inside, the house is chaos). A song in the shower (even though we’ve slept in). Freshly painted toenails (swiped hastily over the old, chipped nail varnish).


Bodylushious is all about perfectly imperfect. It’s about letting go, giving yourself permission to take YOUR moment to feel, before the real world kicks back in. 

Bodylushious in 2023

Bodylushious was acquired in 2022. We have a range of new products we're looking to create this year. If you have any requests or suggestions, don't be a stranger. You can reach us via email at


Skin, earth and animal friendly

Every Bodylushious product comes from natural ingredients and are Vegan friendly 

Zero Waste Heroes

The whole Bodylushious philosophy is around using and re-using materials around us in our products. We love the challenges around being zero waste and work hard to meet them. You’ll see this philosophy through all of our products - reused, reloved, recycle is everywhere - in our packaging, our materials, our studio. “What would this be useful for?” is a mantra of ours! 

Share the love

Everybody says their products are ‘made with love’, but with Bodylushious it’s TRUE! We’re part of a network of local artists, gardeners, chefs and hand-made makers who share materials, ingredients, botanicals and ideas for our own businesses. The rosemary we use in our soaps is collected from our best friend’s kitchen garden. Love is at the heart of everything we make.

Collaboration every day

We love working with inspiring, local producers. Networking, empowering others, sharing resources - it’s a brilliant way to be. We love finding ways to work with people who share our philosophy - strength through community is what keeps Bodylushious getting better, brighter and bolder.

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