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At Bodylushious, we love nothing more than a Collaboration. We love working with inspiring, local producers. Networking, empowering others, sharing resources - it’s a brilliant way to be. We love finding ways to work with people who share our philosophy - strength through community is what keeps Bodylushious getting better, brighter and bolder.

Bodylushious X Peggy beardmore

This beautiful product is the result of a collaboration with local Yoga teacher Peggy Beardmore, who in normal times delivers yoga classes in the Space Upstairs & right next door to the Bodylushious Studio.  Here's what Peggy has to say about this bliss balm.


"Take a few moments to massage the silky smooth Savasana Balm into your hands and feet before a time of dedicated rest, whether at the end of yogatime or before bed. As you inhale, allow the aroma of Sandalwood to fill your senses and as you exhale, invite a feeling of grounding and safety to surround you. Breathe in again for the uplifting notes of Bergamot to fill you with inspiration, leaving you free to breathe out anything holding you back. Now take one more breath to lead you into sweet bliss.  Namaste."

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