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here's what just some of our lovely customers have to say about our products...

Would you like to share an honest review of one of our products? We'd love to hear from you! Just drop us a line here.



After having a baby and being peri-menopausal my skin changed dramatically. I was suffering with spots, sore and dry bits. I tried loads of different products and Chamendula literally fixed my skin within days. It's the only thing I use on my face. It soaks in really well. Doesn't have a strong scent and isn't heavy. Its fxcken brilliant.



Bodylushious has made shower time an extra enjoyable experience for me, providing not only this lovely pic n mix choice of soap but also what is equally important to me, the fact they contain no chemicals, no nasties and are vegan. So my conscience is clear and my bathroom is a safe and nurturing environment for my body and soul. I start my day the conscious way which fits in beautifully with my ideal lifestyle.



Thank you so much for the gorgeous products and attention to detail to my christmas gift bags.  A hit with all my girlfriends.  The products feel like pure indulgence.  A treat.  I love that everything is handmade and local and good for me and my children.  Bronwyn's attention to detail is evidence of her passion for everything she makes.  Highly recommend you to try!! You won't be disappointed.

total treat pack.png


My friend gifted me this! It's just lovely - completely blew me away! Such beautiful things in there and all handcrafted and presented in such a nice way in the little bag. Even the card was so sweet and added a really personal touch.  Such a lovely gift. I will certainly keep Bodylushious in mind next time I want to get someone a personal gift or treat. 

Tired tootsies.png


Gorgeous! I was on my my feet for 14 hours straight yesterday and I think even a fitbit would have lost count of my paces, so it was a rigorous product test! The salve goes on smoothly and looks a bit greasy, but didn't leave any prints on the flooring. Two mins after application, there was a gentle warmth in my feet and the painful throbbing subsided to a (not unpleasant) buzzing and a relief of pain that's usually only achieved through a liberal oral application of whisky. Thank you mum, and thank you Bodylushious!



Since finding this gem of a place I wouldn’t go elsewhere. I’m in love with my shampoo bars, especially the Rosemary one which suits my hair, even my hairdresser says my hair is in good condition and that’s just by using the shampoo bars - no chemicals, 100% natural. Bronwyn the owner has a passion in what she does and this certainly shows in her products.

Orange balm untinted.png


I just adore these lip balms - they are amazing! They are just so soft and creamy in texture which makes them super easy to apply. No more sore, cracked lips!! They taste amazing and you can choose tinted or untinted version to suit yourself. I wouldn't buy any other lip balms now. The website is fantastic and so easy to browse and read about all the lovely products. 



Here is me all fresh and smooth, feeling GLORIOUS and smelling delicious.  My products are lush - wee bits of joy in my day!!  My package from Bodylushious was perfect, soaps, shampoos and the luxurious calendula oil-a drop of bliss! All wrapped beautifully in recycled and repurposed materials. It's not just the products, it's the team and their values that I love💛  

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