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soap, salves and other natural skincare products to give your whole body the special care and attention it deserves

Have you noticed you don’t always have to go big to feel great?

Sometimes, it’s the smallest moments that bring big feelings of hope, joy and happiness.


Sinking into a bath or stepping into a shower might seem boring and every day, but you’ll be surprised how a simple bar or soap or body balm can give you a much needed boost.

If you want to feel more delicious from morning till night, then you’re in the right place.

Here at Bodylushious we love to take little ingredients and transform them into the most delicious, sensual treasures to give your body and soul the biggest boost.

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With Bodylushious skincare, feeling great is everywhere.

It’s in:


  • the burst of florals in our soap bars

  • the sensual silk of an indulgent body butter

  • the zingy tingle of our minty shampoos

And it’s in your soul when you buy NATURAL.

Get the Bodylushious BOOST.


Perfect skincare for mind, body and spirit. Feel uplifted from morning till night (rinse and repeat).

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Ready for your latest squeeze?

Get ready to fall in love with your own body.
Bodylushious products are a wonderful blend of essential oils, herbs and botanicals to make you happy from tip to toe, inside and out.
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body Soap Bars 

Little luxuries go a long way with our range of moisturising soap bars. Cleanse the day from your skin and step into a fresher, brighter, more delicious you. 


Removes dirt, bacteria and excess oils that lead to odours. Our soaps are essentials - but that doesn’t mean they’re not indulgent.

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Body Salves + balms

Clever little pots of magic to soothe your soul as well as your skin. Bodylushious salves and balms work hard at making you feel a little more you and a lot more Mmmm. 


These little pots are packed with oil infusions, essential oils and gentle butters to nourish and moisturise, sooth or boost. Perfect for dry skin.

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Lip Balms

Protect your lips from the real world with our delicious range of lip balms. One quick swoosh and your lips instantly feel smoother, calmer and completely kissable. 


Packed with revitalising oils and nutrients the elements don’t stand a chance against Bodylushious lip balms. Pick your favourite scent or tint and face the day with confidence. 

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Take one bar of shampoo into the shower for perfect cleansing of hair, scalp and body and even shaving! One bar, so many uses. Nice and simple - just how we like it. 


For best results - rub shampoo blocks straight onto hair and head to create frothy bubbles. Lasts longer if you dry the shampoo block out between uses. 


“I never smelled better! I loved using my soap, it didn't dry out my skin like other soaps - my skin was soft and smelled amazing!”

Ineeze Ladyka, fife, scotland



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