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Bron's Bounce

Outdoor barefoot dancing

I'm loving that I've set myself up to write a blog blurb each month on a particular focus - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having this opportunity to hang out with my 'thoughts and feels', and unpackage some of what rattles around in my mind, and in the process tune into that uniquely me someone inside as I make sense of the magic and madness of my life. March being the birth of Spring in the UK, and being perfectly imperfect as I am, a spin on the word Spring is a down right necessity - hence the focus of 'Bounce'!

Which has inspired me to share this somewhat hilarious first ever attempt at a Tik Tok with you! Not too many moons ago I would NEVER EVER have dreamt I'd figure out, film then share something like this with the world, but you know what, the more you do something the easier it gets, and teaching Nia (Joyful barefoot dancing) taught me all about that. And its really not that big of a deal actually! Hope it puts a smile on your dial.


I'm addicted to MUSICALS!
Hopelessly Devoted!

Its where I find my freedom, my joy and my Bounce! It now feels completely right to share a little 'behind the scenes' about how I'm finding ways to burst out of the darker & cooler months (and I'm not only referring to the change in season here) and into the brighter and hope filled days with fresh perspective and inspiration.

Actually, on scrolling back over previous Blog posts, I had to do a double take, because this time 2 years ago, I wrote and shared a post titled 'Self Respect : 10 Ways to preserve it & make positive changes', the things I listed as ways to grab hold of 'self respect' actually turn out to be some of the very same things that are bringing my 'bounce' back this month. So saddle up as I re-remember and some of my pointers both from 2 years ago and here and now today!

1 | Spending more time outdoors

2 years ago we were averaging 1 - 4 hours each day! This has changed somewhat, with my son at school and me being behind the computer more it has taken a bit of a back seat! I am grateful for the nudge to revisit my relationship with the great outdoors! Those outdoor hours were triggered by chats with my pal Mike Delaitre after he interviewed a handful of folk on the impact of weather and its effect on foreigners living in Scotland and the relationship with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Mike create a documentary which you can watch here I'd also developed a new craze for rewilding both myself and childhood for Poppit. That month Mike & I hosted a screening of 'Project Wild thing' a BRILLIANT and FREE documentary on the benefits of spending time in nature.

2 | Prioritize proper downtime…rest…sleep.

A time to stop all the freneticism that is life, lists and long overdue tasks. A time for the body, mind and soul to rest. Even for a little while, it really really helps to chill out and put all those lists into perspective. Last night I collapsed into a bath complete with Epsom Salts, Essential Oils, Bubbles and multiple candles dotted around the bathroom. To begin with my mind was racing while I came down from the busyness I’d wound myself up in, but I could literally feel the build up of energy drain away, and my feet and lower legs felt amazing. And be really careful about your bedtime. A friend introduced me to Sleep Hygiene years ago, yes I know…weird name. Anyway I’m not always good at it but geez when I am, life is easier. Think of something you always manage to find time for like, I dunno, eating… well downtime is as important as that. MAKE TIME for it.

3 | Self-respect and modelling this to those around you.

For me this is so important. I've a habit of going down a rabbit hole of overwhelm and despair, I learned it right back when I learned to breathe, and so it takes work to stay one step ahead of that gear. I frequently take stock of what does and doesn't serve me in life and immediately dispose of or rearrange the things to incorporate more 'alignment'. I've walked away from jobs, relationships, WhatsApp groups, and sometimes even the pile of jobs I've set for myself (radical right :). I very recently had a few difficult conversations and spoke out for my son who had gone through a super challenging experience, and which knocked his confidence. I let a little time pass, the dust settle, checked in with my emotional state (in that I wasn't being reactive) and dived in with an open and honest heart. Those conversations weren't easy, but they were SOOOOO GOOD! It turned out that nothing had been done intentionally and it opened up more healthy communication channels between us all. In times gone by I'd keep quiet for fear of being perceived as saying or doing the wrong thing, or panicking that I'd sound like an over protective mum. But I'm a grown up now and things are different, especially when you're looking in your little persons face and they're looking devastated. This experience was such a gift and was the perfect reminder that by speaking my truth I'm modelling good self respect. And I hope I'm not imagining this, but I'm certain my son is more confident and self assured as a result of this whole experience.

4 | Setting Limits

I used to WORRY about upsetting Poppit and not knowing how best to cope with his emotional state if he was upset. I would do anything to avoid that – including letting him run the show at the expense of my mental state and his security in what is OK and what isn’t. I have been an avid follower of Hand in Hand Parenting principles, I knew from previous times that it was time to enforce some loving limits. I’ve managed to do that in a really loving and consistent way, and it's made a difference. And now he's been at school for 1.5yrs (give or take a global pandemic and a lockdown or 2) there have been ample opportunities for Poppits big feelings to explode into every crevice of our lives. THANKFULLY with the tools that Hand in Hand Parenting has given me along with some really big and important discussions with my pal/Psychologist/Transformational Coach/Nia Co-teacher/Joy bringer Sarah Madigan I am a fxck tonne clearer on the importance on setting limits and having boundaries. Great news is I've even gone on to look at the other ways I can set healthy limits and boundaries in my life! Thank goodness I live in this world where I get to put so much attention into self awareness and improvement!

5 | Reach out and connect/confide in others.

I am a big fan of connection! I feel like I've been cooped up for way too long and its time to get out! I'm obviously not alone in this one, (again thanks to a global pandemic and a lockdown or 2). I'm lucky enough to live with humans and a dog whom I adore and we get to share in as much or as little of the warm fuzzies as we need. I'm a massive communicator, so if I've got something to say I just say it, that really really works for me (and hopefully the person on the receiving end gets something out of it too :). I also make a point of picking up the phone and having a real conversation. In this technology gone mad world I now find myself living in something so simple as having a real conversation doesn't feel so easy. Thankfully I've been doing something about that. And when I can't have a proper person to person conversation, I just send a voice recording or video of myself to share a little bit of my world with someone I love, this almost always triggers a response on their part. One of the gifts of technology you might say!

6 | Move my body

I love to dance!!!!! I was teaching Nia, but then that global pandemic and 2 lockdowns happened and I found myself backing away from teaching online and interestingly from moving my body. Thank fully a sore back (from too much time at the computer) have given me the nudge I've needed to interrupt that pattern! Should see the other Tic Toks I've done! Eeeck!

7 | Be organised to better manage times of heightened stress!

Getting out of the house and into bed at night for my son are two times of day that can trigger the monster in me! I'm proud to say that if I think a year back that life is so different! It obviously can change day to day, but in general I'm pleased to report that I throw as much as I can at being prepared, happy and calm around those times. It makes a shxt tonne of difference when I've got my shxt sorted! HELLO no surprises there Bronwyn.

8 | Spirituality, connecting into a deep sense of purpose and feeling in alignment

I'm investing a fair bit of mental, emotional and physical time and space into this bad boy. I've dipped in an out of all things Spiritual throughout my life and I ALWAYS LOVE THE RESULTS!! And so currently I'm keeping myself busy with Meditation, Yoga (we're talking 5-10mins per day), Gratitude practice, reading Witch by Lisa Lister, attending an online Womens Circle facilitated by my pal Amelia, participating in a course on 'Relationship Magic' run by my joy bringing pal Sarah (where I'm using the opportunity to delve into the relationship I have with myself and the importance that spirituality plays in that). In fact, Sarah has created a Facebook group which is free to join called Bliss Seekers, where the focus is all on raising our vibes to live happier and more meaningful lives.

9 | Do something meaningful each day

I won't lie, I have to work at this one. And so, I'm going to go and create some art work after I've finished this post, I just know that I'll find myself in an 'in-between moment' whereby I'm doing something solely and wholly for me, just because I know I'll enjoy it.

10 | Be brave, be bold and courageous

Its my life and I'm going to live it! I'll cruise to my own beat amidst the mayhem and madness of a society and its systems. I'll be true to that uniquely me part of myself. I'll have difficult conversations. I'll set boundaries. I'll challenge myself. I'll do embarrassing things and make a complete dick of myself. I'll rearrange the world around me to fit into a world I want to live in. I'll advocate for my son and empower him to be brave, bold and courageous. I'll do the work, I'll do some more and I'll do it all over again.

I'm so grateful you've bounced along with me on this journey. I thank you.

xx Bron


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