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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Personally I believe that one of the biggest reasons for the current health scare affecting humanity is because our immune systems are in bad shape. For the best part of my life since age 15 i've been digging around with nutrition. And when I became a mum 5 years ago, my commitment changed, because I changed, I had less time and I had a wee human to keep alive! One regime that has stood the test of time and helped to support my overall health has been Oil pulling with coconut oil.

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurveda practice. With the understanding that health of mind, body and spirit starts with a healthy mouth, which in turn facilitates good digestion.

Most bacteria enters your body through your mouth. It ramps up overnight, and has an all-night rave in your mouth. Then when you have that first coffee of the morning, you ingest that bacteria into your gut for keeps. Oil pulling WILL eliminate bacteria from your body.

I've been doing it for years, maybe 15. I mean not every day but as often as my distract-able life allows me (2-3x per week currently). Historically I've done it for oral hygiene and sinusitis relief. If you want to read more here's a good write up from Mind Body Green.

Since oil pulling I've had:

  • Whiter teeth

  • Fresher breath

  • No fillings! This one blows my mind, and the dentists!

I spent my entire childhood getting fillings, seriously, almost every tooth was filled. In my early 30's I decided to get all mercury fillings removed (more on that someday) and commit to better oral hygiene. Dentists COULD NOT believe what I was doing and how it was reversing a lifetime of cavity-prone teeth. I could go on and on. Here's some other ways I use it in my life:

🥥Adding to smoothies, porridge, soups (1D-T each time).

🥥Cooking with; I use in place of olive oil for cooking these days (it has a higher heating point so nutritional value is maintained unlike other oils that are heated)

🥥Moisturising (All Bodylushious skincare products use this). But you can literally use no frills it as is!

🥥Mixing with baking soda and using it as a toothpaste.

🥥Keeping my appetite under control.

I'd love you to comment with your thoughts on oil pulling if you wanna share!

Have a glorious day from me and my big teeth!

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