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Where is your Magic?

Updated: May 16, 2022

Do you even have any idea what your magic is? Or is that just taking things one step too far?

Hello you!!! Yes it's been a while, a long while. I've been off doing life and shaking up my system, the madness and all the mystery!


I've been getting crystal clear on what my magic is! Here goes!

"I use the wisdom and strength of my ancestors, and the lessons from my lived experiences to step fully into my one sweet life and from that place I lead and inspire"

Pic taken at recent Spectacular School Graduation

Let me elaborate

I started my pal Sarah's Spectacular School in October 2022. I only signed up to better my understanding of myself. I wasn't quite prepared for what would unfold. It has been the single most concentrated, safe, uplifting, uplevelling and joyful of 'ongoing' things I’ve ever done. Through the journey i've been able to see it as no accident that Sarah and some other phenomenal humans came into my life. This work has changed my mindset so much that I can now accept and believe I was born to lead and inspire others through my ‘uniquely me offerings’. Interestingly when I say this aloud to anyone who slightly knows me responds with 'yeah but that's what you've always done'!!! Turns out i've just turned up to the party of realising/accepting. And in the process i've become a Trans-for-flipping-mational Coach and I FARKING LOVE IT!! (More on the coaching below).

My 'Why behind' it all

I’m committed to living the fullest expression of my one sweet life and using the ingredients from my lived experiences to fuel and inspire myself and others. I love dancing, creating, connecting, nutrition, all things well-being, deep and meaningful conversations, self-improvement, adding value to the lives of others, and living a 'conscious' life. I can comfortably communicate my needs, I feel deeply connected to and inspired to my ancestral Maori roots and I am fully connected to my purpose.

I feel supercharged in a way that i've never experienced before, and it's all because i've connected to the energy and idea of connecting with the strength, courage and wisdom of all those that have gone before me. That is quite a realisation let me tell you.


All of the magic has to go somewhere, a place where people can book and look at what on earth i'm up to, here's a little sneaky peak....Its SOMETHING ELSE......

But until the site launches, if you'd like to tap your toes into any of the movement magic with me and a DELICIOUS community of humans, here's whats on:

A bit about the coaching

I serve from a place of strength and intuition

I go looking for the pure essential essence of the person in front of me, the them they came to this earth to be! I guide people to showering the purest of love over that park of themselves. Once you've tasted that you 'never look back'. I gently (or spicely) help folk to cut through the stories that hold them back and guide them on how to take action to create lasting change. I tell it like it is, I pepper each session with my Bronwyn 'random', and am the very first cheerleader in the arena of peoples ‘one sweet life’, it's COMPLETELY MAGIC, BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS when folk get out of their own way and show up for themselves. I see the beauty, magic, strength and love in everything and everyone, and i'd even flipping see it in you if you were up for it!

I'm offering free 1-hr coaching sessions from Monday 13th June and beyond, if you want to jump on board the Bron train secure your spot here:

Here's some delightful feedback i've had from clients sofar (who I might had are a combination of folk who have and haven't received coaching before)

".......I arrived at the session a little unsure about what I was going to bring but within minutes I had found the confidence to speak of something deeply personal. This was only possible because of Bronwyn's kindness, skill and compassion......" MT

".....I had the absolute pleasure of having coaching sessions with Bronwyn. Her genuine enthusiastic nature put me instantly at ease for sharing thoughts that have been going around my head for far too long....." HW

"......I’m grateful to you for gently taking my hand and leading me into the ‘discomfort’ zone, I’ve been there for a while questioning internally my motives, my purpose, my reason for existence......" EK

And if you're up for jumping on board Sarah's global Joy Domination movement and turning your BS into Bliss grab your ticket here:

How my 'why' has become clearer though writing the 'Bittersweet Magic of suffering'

I enjoy writing! (Surprise Surprise!) and i've always wanted to write a book. This roll of paper is riddled with inspiration for this book. Earlier this year I started writing, i'm now at 66,000 words (with no signs of coming to an end anytime soon....guess there will have to be more than one, two, three...). In it I share some intense and not so intense 'personal life experiences', and how i've found ways to reframe what has seemed like an impossible situation of suffering into Magic! I have clarity that all the moments in my life have been leading to this point.

I'm 46 yrs old and consistently for the first time in my life I feel 'ALIVE' and sure as shxt of what i'm here for!

Having purpose and making meaning out of life is CRUCIAL/ESSENTIAL/EVERYTHING to me! Without it i'm just existing and turning the page from one day to the next. I made a promise at the start of this year, and it was to honour those that have gone before me, to make the most out of my life, shout out loud about how i've made peace with some pretty 'challenging things', to leave behind 'my truth' so that one day when i'm gone my memory may even live on, and so that Poppit when he's ready can better understand who is mum was, what she stood for and why she was so 'crazy', (his words).

I'm bringing my book to the world on my birthday December 22nd 2022

I hope with all my heart that i'll meet you in those pages xxx

I want to leave you with one question 'Where is your magic'?

Biggest of loves

xx Bron

A video from the Spectacular School 'after party' shennanigans!

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