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I LOVE a 'Chance Encounter', in fact I thrive off them!

Last year Summer 2020

During the in-between Covid/Social Distancing/Pandemic times I sourced myself some Silent Disco headsets and took my Nia classes into the great outdoors of Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy. On the first visit I shuffled through the park 'willing' the 'meeting point' to present itself (the Fountains). Moments later I met Eamon Loughrey who it turns out didn't only know where the Fountains were, but has turned out to be a fountain of wisdom in relation to this short and fleeting thing we call 'LIFE'. Scroll down to listen to the wise words Eamon has to share on stuff that matters for him.

"I thought I would tie the theme of the month 'Bounce' into my own issues"
"18 months ago I was diagnosed with Cancer, I was given 12 - 15 months to live"

Eamon has been a huge inspiration to me of how I'm never alone (even when you feel lost in Beveridge Park). Through our chats and recently having completed his 30 day challenge on 'exploring mind related issues' I've seen another way to deepen my appreciation for my mind, my body, my purpose, my spirit and the world around me. Eamon has written books and dedicated his life to such matters.

"Something encouraged me to go out and run and I lost a lot of weight, I put it down to the wonders of nature, its healing and its why I'm still here"

Eamon danced with us that day, barefoot in the park. I wish I could have bottled up and shared with you through the screen here the beauty that took place, real connections with real humans out in nature feeling connected to something even greater than ourselves.

Eamon shares amazing quotes with me from time to time, they're always thought provoking, I LOVE it when a 'ping' on my phone stimulates something that really gets me reflecting.

"Nature bounces back, and its the same with the human body"

Pouring coffee with Love
Eamon Loughrey a.k.a LOVER OF LIFE

There's so much more I'd like to share with you here but I'm going to restrain myself and push aside the need to feel like I should say more, or say this or that.

I would however encourage you to get curious about your own relationship with your mind and ask yourself this question;

Do you live with a sense of peace in relation to that beautiful mind of yours?

Happiest of weekends all you beauts and huge thankyou to Eamon again for your wisdom!

Also, I'm about to start my outdoor Nia dance classes in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh - please contact me at if you would like to find out more. And please don't hesitate to get in touch with Eamon via his Facebook page if you'd like to find out more about his upcoming and ongoing 30 day Challenge focusing on 'mind observation'.

xx Bron

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