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Random Acts of Kindness

Introducing the delightful & charismatic Jazlynn

Jazlynn is the first born child of a lovely pal of mine in Aberdour. We met at the start of lockdown when living in Aberdour, in fact it was Jazlynns younger brother who initially caught our attention in his ninja outfit at the park; from that point our crossing of paths has increased! Of all the topics I had on offer Jazlynn was drawn Random Acts of Kindness.

Without thinking too much about this topic, what does it instinctively mean to you?

Being kind to others because it makes me happy!

You have a beautiful name, I'd never heard it before. What can you tell me and our readers about your name?

My name (Jazlynn Willow) is a slight alteration of the flower name Jasmine. My First, and middle name means Flower of Healing!

I heard that you were going to do some experiments on RAOK, i'd love so much to hear about these please, what interesting things happened or did you find out? Well, in a game I play I would randomly give people their dream pet as I didn't play that game as often and it made me feel happy doing things that made others happy! I felt good about myself when they would be so grateful and happy and I did it more and more cos what's the point of having good stuff if you don't play the game and could make others happy!

Jazlynn working her magic making workshop soaps

You're of Canadian descent. I personally find the Canadian culture to be very warm and likeable, personable, charming, pleasant, warm & friendly (you'll get the point that I could add more adjectives here). Culturally it seems that you are naturally wired in the ways of expressing random acts of kindness. What role do you feel your Canadian background plays in the person you are today in terms of how you treat others?

Honestly, I don't always enjoy being a canadian because for some reason it's hilarious to half the people in my classes at school... after a while though they will get sick of saying extremely stereotypical stuff and move on with their lives. Yes, i do think where I lived plays a part in the way I am drawn to random acts of kindness, In canada we lived in a Condo and every friday me and my brother would sit in the lobby and give out baking or items we made and it was fun and something we looked forward to. You're a teenage girl, and let's face it these years can be both interesting and challenging (not to mention throwing a global pandemic in the mix). I can clearly recall being your age, and carrying out RAOK's made up a big part of my personality - I was known for it. On reflection I can now see it wasn't always healthy, as often times it came from a place of wanting to fit in or to be liked. I'm going to ask you to courageously dig into the depths of your heart and share your point of view on this? Let me clarify, what are your thoughts on being a teenage girl and doing nice things for the sake of 'being liked & fitting in'? (it can be in your personal experience, or your opinion of how this plays out amongst your peers). To be honest i don't think i am drawn to random acts of kindness for the sake of being liked, i am drawn to it because of the way i feel when i make someone else happy and i do it more and more because of how happy i feel afterwards!

Yes, being a tween/teen is very challenging especially right now where everyone is going on about TikTok and Instagram and I feel sometimes kinda different not having those apps and even more different without a phone... I know not having those apps is for my own safety but it really makes things difficult sometimes :/ i suppose i am getting on alright without a phone, spending more time out with friends and playing Animal Crossing. (my current fav game!) I personally think the pandemic doesn't affect how people in my classes/school act because it doesn't really bother them... one thing that is bugging me about the pandemic is how (adults mainly but sometimes children/teens as well) people have turned into the police ready to confront you if your not wearing a mask or social distancing and i think it's just absurd how everyone thinks they are responsible for everyone else.

I'd love to hear about something that 'lights you up/brings you joy/makes you happy'? Pretty please share anything you feel like sharing with me about this.

The thing that brings me the most joy is my friends, i'm not exactly "popular" at school and most people don't like me but i think that's ok cos honestly the "popular" kids are really rude and annoying, so i have my group of about 5 friends and that's O.K because i trust them and feel happy and comfortable around them :)

Thanks for inviting me to be on your blog Bronwyn!

-Jazlynn D

A world of views!

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