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A bit about Bron & Roxy the 'Worker Bees' behind the scenes

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Hi all! Thank you for landing here. I thought it would be cool to share a bit of chat regarding Roxy and I, you know the gals behind the scenes who bring Bodylushious to your lives. I met Roxy 2 years ago when our sons attended Secret Garden Nursery together in Letham, Fife (and obvs the pics above are of said 'son's). It was the start of a magical friendship. On a typical week we see each other socially, with our boys and working in Bodylushious HQ in Burntisland. Here's a sneak peak into some questions we had for each other.

Bron's questions for Roxy

1. One random thing about you I used to dance to Shirley Bassey when I was a child and perform at my grans house in-front of the whole family.

2. What makes your heart sing/lights you up Music and being out in nature with the sun shining on my face.

3. 3 things from your bucket list I don't have one. But I do hope to make it over to NZ for a trip some day.

4. What do you reckon you'll be up to in 5yrs I would like to say I'm more settled in Burntisland, hopefully with a man. I hope to have written some book I aspire to write.

5. What you do at Bodylushious I make the beautiful soaps, salves and balms. I'm the cogg in the background that keeps the wheel turning.

6. Why you keep coming back? (to Bodylushious) At first this was a job that became available when I first moved to Burntisland. The flexibility mean it fitted perfectly around my little man. That's what appealed to me the most. Then when lockdown happened I became the key person to keep developing those soaps. I was surprised how creative and satisfying it was to produce the soaps. It suits me because I can express my creativity and the hours fit around my world.

7. Something you'd like to get more confident with/learn (at Bodylushious)

Comfortably talk about the products and the benefits without stumbling over my words.

Roxy's questions for Bron

1. What would you say is your best quality? I'd have to say I'm pretty adaptable and resourceful. I'm pretty good at turning challenges into opportunities and making life work for me and those around me, especially where my son is concerned. And I'm a kiwi, and well kiwis don't let things to go to waste, its just not what we do. I'm pretty confident there's a use for everything.

2. How was Bodylushious born? When I was pregnant I wasn't keen to use store bought toiletries and creams etc on my body or my babe, and being a kiwi it just made sense to start making my own skincare and cleaning products. As a newly single mum I moved to my own place in Burntisland in 2017. A lovely lass on my street suggested working together with me to bring my products to the world, I JUMPED at that and Bodylushious was officially born.

3. Where did the name Bodylushious come from? Ummmm, I knew there was a single word to describe the body and feeling delicious in it. It needed to be a word that people could almost feel when they read or said it, and it needed to feel good.

4. Do you feel Bodylushious? In this very moment I do, thanks for asking. I've created and grown this business, I have you (Roxy) here to help out so that I can get on with doing the other Bodylushious things that light me up. The specific things that make me feel Bodylushious are Dancing, preparing and eating nutritious food, being creative, spending time with Poppit (son aged 6) who is flexi-schooled, navigating my way through my relationship (almost 2 yrs now) and working hard at being a grown-up who has grown up conversations & spending time together with our sons, hanging out with my awesome pals (like you) and just recently I started studying nutrition, its been a passion of mine forever so lets see where this takes me.

5. What lights you up? I AM ADDICTED TO COMING UP WITH NEW IDEAS!!!! I have more ideas that time or capacity to execute, it doesn't stop me having them though.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? I would like to own a piece of land which I have developed (together with some of those peeps mentioned above), and for it to be a space where we get back to a kind of simple time when there wasn't so much technology, choices and overwhelm. Running around and dancing barefoot on grass, hanging out with farm animals, sleeping under the stars and watching our kids jump on hay bales.

7. What direction do you see your business going next? I'm pretty happy with where we're at just now. It feels monumental to have finally birthed this website so I can be typing this blog to share with you. The fact I have actually built a business from scratch on the other side of the world that works around my son, a business that folk actually know about, a studio in Burntisland, to have and have had support (like Roxy, Michael and all the other folk that help me in big and little ways), and to collaborate with some truly inspirational crafters and business owners.

My vision going forward though is definitely to bring together skincare, dance and nutrition on the land. Or like the Bodylushious tagline reads 'taking you back to your roots'.

That about wraps us up for now, thank you so much for reading and feel free to share your comments, we'd love to hear from you

x Bron & Roxy

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