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I manifested a village! And you're part of it x

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I'm a big fan of manifesting! Here's proof that it works for me.

We're almost at the end of 2020 folks, and holy moly what a year its been! I want to dedicate this final blog post for the year to some humans who have made and continue to have a big impact in my life. This past year feels like its been sucked into a giant vortex...where on earth did it go, but as I sat here for the past few hours contemplating what I want to take out of this year, it was the people that have surrounded and supported me. If you happen to be one of the beauties featured here, then grab yourself something yum to drink and/or eat and find yourself a cosy spot to sit so you can soak up my gratitude. I'm not going to list names, or write about them in order, I'll leave that for you to work out. If you don't know these folk then please enjoy reading on to see what lights me up about these folk. And if by some chance, I've left you out...its nothing personal, and I do love you too!

Here's a load of reasons why these peeps are a big deal

1. One of them captured my heart almost 2 years ago, I wrote with pure clarity what I needed to let go of in myself, who I was at my best in a relationship and how they would be better for being with me. I put myself out there in the most vulnerable of ways and 10 days later met this gem on tinder! He shows me no end of support on a daily basis in both my personal and business life, he's hilarious, he's fun, an amazing dad, incredibly talented and Poppit (my son) adores him. He has skills that are out of this universe and about as practical as a man can be. He accepts me as I am and doesn't try to change me. He makes it safe for me to speak up or to recoil into my own zone, never judging or criticizing. He has full blown interest in knowing everything there is to know about me and bravely and vulnerably shares many parts of himself that life has locked away. This guy sets his target and goes for it, even if that target is a new country where he doesn't speak the language and knows no one - small obstacles for this man, or a Kiwi girl he finds on Tinder. He has evolved so much for the better in the short time we've been together, and that lights me up a lot. This isn't to say we've got it all sorted and life is without its challenges, but we do the work to be better. Basically, life is just better with him in it and I love him a lot. Thank you for all you do xxxx

2. A certain someone who you've all seen on here before brings a fxxx tonne of support and ease to both my personal and Bodylushious life. She's the mum with a kid a similar age to mine that would help out in my business (someone I manifested). We found each other in the most beautiful of ways, at our kids nursery in the forest!. She's without a doubt the engine that keeps things turning over around here right now. She helped us move house, walks our dog on occasion, is practical to the core (having recently repaired my sewing machine), downright earthy and has the best set of ears around (she's an amazing listener). She doesn't take life or herself too seriously, is delightfully genuine and non-judgy and has the skills to bring any idea to life, she's phenomenal - and being in her company is just EASY. Our boys are obsessed with each other too so that makes life a whole lot easier too.

3. She injects lightening bolts of joy and courage into my life She's one of very best things about moving to Burntisland. I had a clear wish to be part of the 'right' families, to have a friend that felt like a sister and to be around someone that focussed on the brighter side of life, I wanted us to be part of this kinda persons family. This complete dream invited Poppit and I into her family like we always belonged there and has supported me through many tearful episodes, rubbed my feet and poured me countless glasses of prosecco along with sharing her pretty dresses with me (dressing like a tree isn't always suitable everywhere). You showed me a pathway to finding pure joy in life and insisted that I look for love by trusting that it could make my life better, you were right. You take life fiercely by the bxlls and believe so hard in living in your power with flow and joy. You are on the fast track to leading us all to the galaxy of loving life! I love you so much. And those boys of yours, don't get me started xxx

4. I manifested these guys before moving to Burntisland They formed the foreign yet familial glue I craved when making a life for Poppit and I here. After the initial shock of my forwardness calmed we fast became forever friends. Many a night I spent with these treasures, splitting from tearful laughter, sharing food, feeling completely and utterly safe and accepted in my full blown randomness. They were ALWAYS there for the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I'm so proud of them, its not always straight forward when you're an outsider, but these guys with their big loving hearts always always always made the very best of every situation, with attitudes many could learn from they, while being humble to the core these guys made Burntisland feel like home. They've left Burntisland now, but we'll obvs be forever friends. Te Amo mis amigos xxx

6. This dreamboat is proof that it pays to speak up 5 years ago this beauty lodged herself into my heart with a full blown shared enthusiasm for all the quirky things I'm passionate for, the first time we met it was Kombucha that ignited the spark between us. Its a no brainer for me, I need to be around folk who share my passion for nutritional, wellbeing and 'woo woo' quirks - this beaut is a slam dunk when it comes to all these things. Our friendship could have gone rocky when I fed her pancakes with crushed egg shells, but she's loyal and could see past that! This beauty seems to have the magic to show me the way back to myself, the core of what makes me tick and back to that raw authenticity inside of me. The daily grind, the things to do and all the bits in between can leave a girl like me reeling. A moment with this treasure is like hitting the reset button.

7. The only reason you're reading this post or that I ever started dancing Nia was down to this beauty! Before moving to Burntisland I knew I needed to dance to help me on my healing journey. Holy moly, I cracked the flipping jackpot with this one. Her passion, sense of humour (she's flipping hilarious) and the way she could put any person at complete ease in their body amongst a room full of strangers while doing a pelvic circle...well you be the judge, but that's a pretty nifty skill to have. With the most gentle and compassionate nature she has a silk-like magic to soothe most situations. She's a pretty awesome facilitator too, without her skills of sharp attention and commitment we wouldn't have had so many folk dancing or doing their Nia training in Scotland. She's the linchpin of this website and without it you just wouldn't be seeing Bodylushious in its full glory as you do now. She's a pretty awesome human!

8. I wouldn't be sitting in this house, or the one before or have had a campervan, or have felt the URGE to move to Burntisland, or have run that first ever market at the Ecology Centre all those years back (with only 12 pots of Body Butter), or stocked my cupboards on arrival to Burntisland or had the flat freshly painted before moving to Burntisland, or had the courage to deal with some really tricky situations, the - list - goes - on! I haven't enough words to express how grateful I am to this angel and her family - seriously. Our friendship is simple yet our paths seldom cross. This woman is truly an angel, infact almost exactly 5 yrs ago to this day, our paths crossed on a random overnight escape from Edinburgh with Poppit aged 2.5yrs. I wanted to be by the sea to celebrate my birthday (which her son aged 2 also shares with me). Our encounters are like that, she pops up at the weirdest of times, but with it always comes magic. You mean so much to me my love xxx thank you

9. When it comes to fields of passion for nature, DIY and the deeper meaning in life look no further than this treasure. I never knew I needed someone like this. But one second in her company I knew I needed more of her in my life, (isn't life magical like that....chance encounters that impact life forever more). Infact that very encounter one of us said 'I want to be your friend'! That was taken care of immediately though and she booked me for an in-house 'product making session' in her house with pals. The workshop ran till 8pm, I think I left around midnight! That was 3 yrs ago exactly! We share a love of the deeper things and dealing with life's lessons with an approach that isn't for everyone. We've walked, talked, movied and played Rummiken together, not as often as we'd like but we've done it. We talk ad-nausium about all the concoctions we can make and the benefits of nature in all its glory. She fiercely supports my parenting style and champions me in the ways I parent my sensitive son amidst this crazy world and society.

I'm so grateful for you lot!

NB: Have also featured a wee tinselled Christmas Elf here - MASSIVE thank you to you too, you also make so much possible for me.

Me and Poppit
I'm looking forward to quality time with this super human!

From the tips of my toes to the top of my

head, THANK YOU to all of you!!!!! Happy Christmas, make sure to indulge in self care and BRING THE BEST OF YOU INTO 2021!

x Bron

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